Polin Pallo ry is a non-profit association. Our actions wouldn’t be possible without companies which wants to support university students. Collaboration member fees and event related paymets forms clearly the biggest part of our funding.

Collaboration member fee means special collaboration with the company we work together with. This means two-directional special status between the companies and us. For example we offer advertisement and visibility in our events. In addition, we keep collaboration member logos visible on our webpage and provide an Instagram post.

There are also few availeble sponsor spots for out game kits Game kits will be used for several years, so the logos on kits will be visible for multiple years. Football kits are used in Palloliittos official matches and in other events We make matchreports to our Instagram, which is also good source for marketing. For example man of the match prices can be offered by the company x.

If you are interested to become a Polin Pallon collaboration member, don’t hesitate to contact with us via email: polinpallo@gmail.com